Historical Costumes

1810s coral sequin overgown

fabrics: coral poly chiffon, Satin ribbon
inspiration: unkown painting from ca.810

1810s  bobbin lace cap

fabrics: cotton voile, Satin ribbon, cotton yarn
inspiration: Dress gifted from a dear friend, Cap is made to match

1720s The "Farnese Gown"

fabrics: orange silk taffeta, fake fur, gold fabirc paint, glass gems
inspiration: painting from Elisabetta Farnese, queen of Spain

1800s silver chiffon round gown

fabrics: grey silk chiffon, grey rayon/cotton, rayon yarn
inspiration: own pattern, inspired by a ball in Vienna

1920s Fall outfit

fabrics: purple wool twill, beige rayon knit, plaid wool/polyester mix,  purple/beige wool yarn
inspiration: vintage patterns from ca. 1929

1950s summer ensemble 

fabrics: blue printed cotton, white linen
inspiration: patterns from the late 1950s

1780s the zone front gown

fabrics: patterned rayon/ white cotton + white cotton voile
inspiration: own design, pattern from patterns of fashion 1

1780s undergarments

fabrics: orange linen, white linen and cotton

1930s nightgown

fabrics: white rayon/ blue cupro jersey
inspiration: vintage pattern from 1930

1940s costume 

fabrics: blue poly crepĂȘ, red poly satin, striped cotton, cotton lace
inspiration: real Vintage pattern and  simplicity apron pattern.

pink and black 60s dress

fabric: pink vintage cotton and a black dotted quilting cotton.
inspiration: 60s sewing pattern 

1912 white evening dress

fabrics: cotton lace; poly georgette ; poly net ; cotton satin; lots of lace trim and beads
inspiration: Dress from the Titanic exhibition in Barcelona

1950s summer ensemble

fabrics: yellow, lightweight cotton; floral printed quilting cotton, cotton lace trim

inspiration: yellow capri pants and 50s blouse pattern