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Historical Costumes

historical dressmaking is my youngest yet my biggest passion. I have always admired the beautiful dresses I saw in theatre or in movies and at some point I started to dive into the construction of those garments. 

Since then I learn new things everyday, not only about the craft, but also about the life in past times and how fashion mirrored society. 

Fantasy costumes

fantasy costumes were my starting point on my journey and although I mainly focus on history I wouldn´t want to miss the liberty fantasy provides. 
I am also a big fan of mixing both to create something unique. 

Also cosplay falls into this category for me, I love the idea of bringing characters from musicals, movies or shows to life.

Vintage wear & Fashion

Besides all the costuming it is nice to create pieces that I can wear out, either for special occasions or everyday life. 

My interest in history reflects here too, as I often recreate vintage garments, which I love to wear on a daily basis as they have proven comfortable and flattering.


Since my childhood I  am loving to draw humans, especially in fancy clothing. Besides from some less sucessful attempts to draw landscapes, objects and abstract stuff, I sticked to that since my early days.

Nowadays I usually draw what I plan to create at some point

about me

My name is Marlene, I live very close to Vienna, the capital city of Austria.
I am currently 22 years old and work on bringing my own ideas and projects to life and learning the craft of historical dressmaking. I am also available to work as costume designer for movie, tv or theatre productions.

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Marlene Pein


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